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For questions, contact Mada at 31515158 or info@madaplesner.com 

Mada is a professional practitioner with a clinic in Copenhagen (Frederiksberg) on Wednesdays, giving also online sessions through Zoom.

She is a Reflexologist specialised in pregnant women and children, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and recognised by the Danish State. She is a Mindfulness Instructor, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, and also uses Massage, Ear Acupuncture, Access Consciousness BARS and Body Process, nutrition advices and healing. She has 2 master degrees in International Business and Management from Copenhagen Business School and EM Lyon (France), and over 15 years of working experience in Denmark (Novo Nordisk, UNICEF, Faxe Kalk, Air France). Mada is French and Lebanese, has lived in 6 countries and travelled the world, so she has developed extensive multicultural knowledge and skills. She speaks English, French, Danish, Spanish and some Lebanese. She has a holistic approach in her treatments and workshops, integrating the body, mind and soul in a soft and trusting, yet very efficient way.

More info at:  http://MadaPlesner.com/